Ballet Revival

Ballet for contemporary dancers but not exclusively. I like to put the focus on old alignments put into contemporary words and approaches. Such as the extension and contraction of chest bone connected to the hands, or the lateral lines of movement between sit bone and heels. Exploring those common ballet steps from a different perspective and making them applicable to our dancing. Working with the mind-body connection that guides us through the technique of ballet. Focusing on self-expression and the use of space as we move further into the class.

Professional warm-up with Leila

After many years of experiencing warm-ups in a professional setting, both for rehearsal days and stage performances, I’ve gathered a lot of tools for what I consider essential to be a good and complete warm-up.

My contemporary class starts with improvisation or games to wake up both mind and body.

After that it continues with exercises on the floor making the way up of the floor, prepping the body for the day.

I like to work with the body as a whole, affecting the movements, and using the snake of the spine and fluidity to bring forward a strong physicality. A class that thoroughly warms up the articulation of the whole body to prepare the dancers for whatever is coming during the day.


The repertoire I hold from my years at Norrdans could be a part of the workshop. I’m open to workshops that are custom made for the situation and level of participants. It can include partnering, improvisation tools, composition/choreography and even audition training.

Yoga Training

Leila Verlinden has been a professional dancer at Norrdans since 2012 and likes to use yoga, pilates and strength training in her daily training. She is chairman of Häggdångers Intresseförening and recently started her own company in herbal medicine and holistic health: Herbs & Talks. Based on this commitment and the desire to keep the village of Häggdånger alive, the idea of offering weekly yoga training in Häggdånger emerged.

You are welcome to apply!

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