Enjoy a glimpse of my career so far

Leila Verlinden

Leila Verlinden was born in Belgium and received her education at the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp. After graduating she went on to dance with youth companies in Montréal (Le Jeune Ballet du Québec) and Nottingham (New English Contemporary Ballet 2). After completing her bachelor degree at Codarts, University for the Arts, Leila joined Norrdans at the age of 21. Before that she was an apprentice at Conny Janssen Danst and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.


During her years at Norrdans she has worked with numerous choreographers and performed over 800 performances in the north of Sweden, Sweden and abroad. During her years at Norrdans Leila has had the opportunity to work as a rehearsal director for two different groups of apprentices and be a part of the administrative team as a tour planner and tour manager.

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